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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Diy Home Energy System - Full Review And Guide

Hi I'm Jeff Davis in in the next four minutes I'm going to reveal something that the greedy big energy monopolies don't want you to know about because what you know about this they will be able to force you and your family to pay over priced and criminally high electric bills anymore and you won't have to continue helplessly handing them over all your hard earned money every month just so you can keep your home's lights on it instead if you do what I show you in the next couple of minutes just like forty two thousand one hundred nineteen other people of already done you'll be able to slash your electric bill by up to seventy five percent or more within the next thirty days.Break free from your dependence on the greedy big energy companies.

Easily produce all of the free renewable and green energy you could ever want right at home so you never again have to worry about conserving energy or how many lights or appliances your family leaves on and you'll be able to make your home completely immune to power outages blackouts in energy grid failures so even if everyone else in your area or even the whole country loses power you won't and you always have the peace of mind knowing that your family will remain safe protected and cozy in your home no matter what's going on in the world.And what's even better is what I'm about to show you how to do is extremely easy it anybody can do it because it doesn't require any technical skills or expensive for technical equipment.

In fact if you do exactly what I tell you in the next few minutes you'll know how to actually force the energy company to pay you each month so instead of going out to your mailbox and seeing an over priced energy bill from them you get a check for ten dollars twenty five dollars or even fifty dollars every month well you with all your family get to use all the power that you want.But before I begin I need to warn you that this presentation will only be up for a limited time so make sure you stop what you're doing right now and watch this while you still can.

You'll be happy you did first of all who am I and how can I make promises like these in actually guarantee either.Well my name is Jeff Davis I live right outside of Milwaukee Wisconsin with my beautiful wife Jennifer my two kids Daniel David and I discovered a simple secret five years ago that has let me and my family eliminate our energy bills and live energy independent since then.

And over the past five years I have helped over forty two thousand one hundred nineteen other average people become energy independent with the same simple secret and it's the same thing I'm about to teach you but before I tell you what this is I want to tell you what led up to this discovery because chances are you and your family may be going through the exact same thing you see back then I would dread one day every single month the day my family's ever increasing energy bill was too because I knew that once again any money my wife and I had no bank account at all the money we worked so hard for that past month would go straight to the big energy company to pay for yet another over priced energy bill it was like the energy company had a vacuum attached to our bank account would just suck up all of our hard earned money each month it was maddening.

The thing was even though my family and I were doing everything we could to conserve energy cut back and I was constantly nagging everyone to turn off appliances nights we would only end up saving just a few measly Bucks off of each energy bill.Eventually out of desperation I even turned off our air conditioner to try to save money and that was during the sweltering hot summer.

Well after a few months of this and seeing how uncomfortable my wife and kids were in our hot home and frankly after seeing how much they were starting to resent me for making them live like this it became painfully obvious that just conserving energy does not work but at the time I thought I had no other options there was just one energy company in town and I was completely dependent on them so they increased their rates I had to pay and to make matters even worse the electricity I was paying a small fortune for was becoming more and more unreliable.

It seems like we lose power every time even a mild storm would blow through.It's no secret why this was happening and why power outages and extended energy grid failures will be happening more and more it for longer periods of time for every American in the coming years.

Because the cold hard truth this our country's energy grid is completely outdated in fact a decent amount of the energy grid was constructed over one hundred years ago school but actually dating back to the eighteen eighties.And most of the equipment in the grid is already running twenty years past life expectancy.

The American society of civil engineers actually gave the U. S. energy grid a grade of A. D. plus in said that it unless he gets a six hundred seventy three billion dollar overall within the next few years the energy grid could completely break down which would lead to a widespread energy crisis in currently there is no national plan to make these updates and every day the grid gets worse and continues to rapidly age can it becomes more and more vulnerable to blackouts storms natural disasters in even cyber attacks just look what happened during hurricane Katrina and sandy the northeast blackout of two thousand three in the mass of east coast blizzard of twenty ten million to families everywhere in well populated areas were left without power for weeks or even longer in some cases even forcing some families to turn to government agencies like team up for help.

And unfortunately my family and I learned first hand what it's like to be in a situation like this when you're not prepared it happened five years ago when we lost power during a normal Wisconsin snowstorm.At first I didn't think much of it figure the power company would rush out to fix the problem and get everyone's power back on right away.But the power didn't come on that night.No the next day or the day after that.Hundreds of dollars worth of food spoiled.

Some of our pipes froze and we were without water the entire time because no power means no water when you have an electric pump like we did in on the third night I'll never forget looking at my daughter Danielle as she tried to sleep but instead just shivered and looked at me helplessly.

To this day I can't get that look out of my head she was probably thinking protect me dead make it warm Daddy but I was as helpless as she was and the power company I was paying all of my hard earned money to that I trusted to keep my family warm safe and comfortable failed us miserably.

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I was furious not only at the energy company but even more so at myself for not preparing for a situation like this.And at that moment I knew something had to change.I would never again leave my family in an unprepared and vulnerable position like this again with the state of our country's aging energy grid I knew I could count on having reliable power in the coming years in if the energy company couldn't even get my power back on within three and a half days during a normal winter snowstorm.

What would happen if a more serious situation took place or a power crisis happened.

Well I wasn't about to leave my family safety and security to chance and I knew that if I truly wanted to end my dependence on the big energy monopolies and if I wanted to finally eliminate my ever increasing and over priced energy bills once and for all there was only one real solution.I had to take control of my home's energy and make my own free green and renewable power right at home.

That way if energy prices skyrocket in the coming years like most experts are predicting it won't matter for me and my family because I'll be able to make all of the free energy we need from the comfort of my own home and if there is an extended power outage in my area again or worse the aging energy grid goes down.

We'll still have electricity even if everyone else in our area or even the country doesn't.So at first I started looking into solar panels and residential wind turbines but the problem was when I first started contacting solar panel in winter by retailers I was absolutely shocked by the price of the systems in fact the cheapest a system that I could find that would still only partially power my home was an astronomic twenty one thousand four hundred fifty dollars my wife and I didn't have anywhere near that amount of money to put into a system and pretty much everywhere else I called wanted to charge me between twenty two thousand to twenty five thousand dollars.

I was devastated just when I was about to give up on my solar dream I discovered the secret that finally changed everything for me.I met them underground solar and wind power expert Tim Baker.

Tim is built and set up hundreds of residential solar panels over the years but he knows a very unique way to do this because instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on solar panels and installation fees like a solar panel retail and installation company would charge him he's able to very easily put together and set up solar panels all by himself for just a tiny fraction of that cost in fact only about a hundred Bucks a solar panel.In Tim's solar panels are eight grade professional quality extremely efficient and are typically much better quality than what the solar panel retailers are trying to sell people in stores.

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